Reading Strategy: Get your child to Read without picking up a Book

A reading strategy is a method used by parents and teachers to get children to read. If your child doesn't have the time,energy, or interest in reading books, you must plan around his lifestyle. He may not think so, but you're smarter than him. So use these tips to get him to read, without ever picking up a book.

Surf the Web on topics that are of interest. Free information is abundant on any and every topic. When my daughter was 6, she was fascinated with all things Princess. We surfed the internet for hours for information related to things like Princesses, Castles, and Thrones. You can even find webstites that provide free online reading. It's the same as picking up a book- only better. Most provide attention grabbing graphics on each page.

Ask friends and family to send postcards. Kids love to received personally addressed mail. It makes them feel grown up. The post cards can be the start of a collection of places they would like to visit one day.

Write him notes If there's anything he needs help remembering, write it down. This can consist of chore lists, after school schedules and calendars, or even notes of admiration letting him know how proud you are of him.

Have them to write you a book. You can get her works bound and published in a real hard cover book. If she knows her book will be published and read by others she'll do her very best. After she sees the finished product, she will want to read it over and over again.

Word Puzzles are an excellent source of reading, vocabulary, and fun. They sharpen memory and increase problem solving skills. As and added bonus they enforce correct spelling.

Play Board Games with her. Many board games require reading and comprehension to win. UpWords, Scrabble, and Trivia are old favorites that include vocabulary building and reading.

Have a Scavenger Hunt. Write lengthy clues and riddles down on index cards and post them in various places throughout the house or the yard.

Have them help you. Anytime you need to write, ask her to do it for you. She can write grocery lists, recipes, thank you cards, invitations, and greeting cards.

The bottom line: when you make several forms of reading materials available to your children, you will ensure that your little ones never get bored with reading.

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