What are the Most Popular Children's Books?

Popular Childrens Books

Every parent should be in the know regarding the popular children's books that are flying off the shelves and into kids hands. Armed with this information, you can make book purchases that will make your kids beg for more.

If they read a book and really like it, they'll recommend that book to their friend. That friend will recommend the same book to their friends, and thus, a reading chain is created. It works much the same way with clothing stores, music, and movies- also known as peer pressure.

But rather than list the "popular" children's books, I'd rather introduce you to some books that are popular for your kids. It's better that you know what your child is likely to read based on her interests , than what everyone else says she should read.

For instance, if she is interested in Science, you'll be happy to know there are books, written just for her, on her favorite subject. Not the run of the mill textbook stuff, but great stories that will keep her wanting more.

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Finally, the wait is over, check out my special interest booklists below:

Books to keep your little Scientist experimenting
Funny Books to make your little comedian smile
Books to keep your little Dancer moving
Books for the Music Lover
Books for your little Animal Lover
Books to keep your Little Sport Reading
Books that are sure to "edu-tain" your kids on money matters

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