About ChildrensBook-Worm

As a child, my most prized possession was my Library Card. There I could go and temporarily fulfill any dream, visit enchanted lands never before heard of, and loose myself in the pages of every "Beezus and Ramona" story I could find.

I would check out as many books as they would allow, and read for what seemed like days at a time.

Little did I know that I was also

    Building my vocabulary,

    Toning my writing skills,

    and Preparing my mind to master every other subject in school.

But that was back in the stone ages when there were no Video Games, Ipods, or Cell Phones to compete with plain 'ol books.

Unfortunately, the value of reading has faded with the rise of Technology. Not that I'm totally against Technology -ironically enough, I have an Undergraduate Degree in Computer Engineering (LOL).

I just think it's time that we parents re- focus on foundation of all learning: reading.

Why are we here?

Now that I'm a mother and self proclaimed Reading Expert, I intend to plant the seeds of good books into the lives of every that child fate would allow.

My staff and I are here to inform parents and to "edu-tain" elementary kids all over the World.

Got Questions?

Literarily yours,
Marci Woodard

ChildrensBook-Worm is a division of BookWorm Publishers of TN.

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