Best Baby Books

Babies may not be able to read, but who says they can't enjoy the benefits of a good book. Good books for your baby consists of concepts that introduce your baby to colors, numbers, shapes, rhymes, and animals.

Books that provide appropriate content for your baby are usually found in board books. Board books are made from durable heavy cardboard with an outer plastic coating. They can be easily wiped clean.

The pages are easy to turn. Board books are sturdy and can stand wear and tear by babies, who have the tendacy to throw them, chew on them, crawl or step on them.

Other appropriate types of baby books include:

  • Cloth books, which are printed on cloth, are soft, strong, and washable. These are great for babies that have reached the stage where they put everything in their mouths.
  • Touch-and-feel books invite children to explore different textures and shapes with their fingers. Touch provides a wonderful way for babies to learn about their environment.
  • Interactive books have flaps that lift or other parts that move. Toddlers love them, but these books may not to hold up as well under harsh treatment. Nonetheless, they provide tools that help peak learning and curiosity.
  • Books with silly language, rhymes, and sounds that mimic songs and poetry. Books with such prose help build vocabularies and helps a child to distinguish between the different sounds that letters make.
  • Books with repetitive patterns and predictable language such as those that retell traditional nursery rhymes or songs. This is another excellent way to build vocabulary. The more a child hears different words and phrases, the better they are able to vocalize words when they begin talking.

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