What do the Gifts that you give say about you?

Toy Robot

The gifts that you give usually indicate what you value most in life. As a rule (unwritten), people tend to express feelings of love, communicate, and give presents according to the way they want to receive all of those in return. For instance, if stroking your hair makes you feel loved, then you tend to stroke the hair of others to show them that you love them.

In the same manner, the presents that you give typically indicate what you would like to receive in return (unless the recipient has a gift registry).

If you only give your children toys and vanity items that they soon outgrow or break before you get your money's worth, you send the message that you value their right to be kids and creative play meets your approval.

If you only give money, you indicate that you value their right to make choices and you respect the decisions that they make. OR like me, you didn't have time to go shopping.

Gift Basket

While a gift basket makes a fabulous gift for kids, it indicates that you enjoy giving a little bit of everything. It can also send the message that you like to make choices available to them - the more the better.

What message does giving books or other educational items send? Giving books send the message that you value the importance of reading and you enjoy a good book. It also says you think books are a worthy investment of time and money.

While there's nothing wrong with giving money, toys, or gift baskets, you should strive for balance by giving a variety of things. Books usually don't make the top of a child's wish list, but you can get away with it if you make wise selections. Not only are you giving a more meaningful present, but you are passing down your value system to your children, without ever saying a word.

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