Kids Scavenger Hunt

Kids scavenger hunts are a great way for you to reinforce reading comprehension, promote following directions, improve memory and attention to details. Kids really get into the seek and find adventure-some nature of scavenger hunts. Check out some of my favorite variations for edu-tainment below.

Kids Scavenger Hunt 1. Instead of giving your kids a list of things to search for, give them a list of clues that lead from 1 clue to the next- with the end result being the treasure or the prize.

My favorite clues to use for indoor scavenger hunts are all nursury rhymes:

    * Rub a dub dub, 3 men in a tub

    * One, two buckle my shoe

    * Old King Cole was a hungry old soul

    * Hickory dickory dock, the mouse ran up the clock

    * To bed to bed says sleepy head

Click here for a free printable list of Scavenger Hunt Riddles

As you can see, all of those clues can lead to tangible places in a house where you can place the next clue: bath tub, closet or shoe rack, or kitchen etc.

You could also hide clues, for the same kids scavenger hunt, in different locations around your neighborhood, grandmas' house, or a park.
2. If you're planning a trip to the mall, zoo, musuem or any local venue, come up with a list of items for your kids to find when you get there. If they can't take the items with them, give them a camera to take a picture with the objects/individuals or a list that they can have signed by the relevant individuals.

Scavenger Hunt

Click here for free Scavenger Hunt Clues

For instance:

  • An adult over 6 ft tall

  • A security officer

  • Job Application

  • Objects that represent each letter of the alphabet

  • Surveillance Cameras

3. Weave a kids scavenger hunt into your vacation. Give your kids a list of items to spot along the way, at the hotel, and at the different tourist spots. Give them a camera to take pictures of everything they find.

  • License plates from a specific states

  • A stranger from a specific state

  • A stranger from a different country

  • Funny Souvenirs

  • A resturant take out menu

  • A lifeguard's autograph

4. If you are familiar with your neighbors, send your kids on a door to door hunt for the common to the most rare items, such as:

  • A cup of sugar

  • A stamp collection

  • A piece of costume jewelry

  • A brand specific shoe

  • A costume

5. Magazine or book hunts are great to increase awareness and attention to detail. Create a list of pictures or words you would like your kids to find in magazines. The words should be cut and pasted onto a separate piece of paper.


If you are using a book, have your child write down which page specific words or phrases can be found on, instead of cutting the words out.

Scavenger Hunt

A creative variation of this is to have your little one make up a story using only words they have cut and pasted from the magazine(s).

6. A Math hunt is a really cool way to sharpen math skills of little one. You can come up with a math equation that requires them to add and subtract items on their list to come up with the answers:

    The number of houses on your street


    The number of Chairs in your house


    The number of cars you own


    The number of shoes you own

7. In a Scrambled Word Hunt, you can scramble the words that contain the hints, and have your kids to unscramble them to get the next hint or prize.

8. An Internet Hunt is done by making a list of questions that can only be answered by visiting the specific websites and finding the information, pictures, or phrases.

No doubt, kids scavenger hunts are great for parties, holidays, or my personal favorite, just to keep them busy. Use the ideas as you wish and feel free to add your own.

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