Reading for Life

All experts, teachers, and parents agree: Reading is the most essential skill that a child will ever learn. If your child has difficulty with literacy, he will have problems with every subject in school.

Kids spend the 1st 4 years of their lives laying a foundation for reading. The next 4, learning to read, and the rest of their lives reading to learn. The more your child reads, the better reader, writer, speaker, and social magnet he will become.

Scary Reading Statistics:

3 of 5 of America's prison inmates are illiterate

85% of unwed mothers are illiterate

85% of all juvenile offenders have reading problems

When the state of Arizona project how many prison beds it will need, it factor in the number of kids who read well in fourth grade.....

Notice the alarming trend: illiteracy often leads to a life of unemployment and crime. In order to be successful in society and the workplace, high levels of literacy must be achieved.

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