Read the Instructions

A large number of elementary children struggle with reading comprehension because they fail to take in or embrace the concepts. They simply don't understand the words within the context that they are reading. Some lack the vocabulary skills necessary to achieve understading. Others lack the discipline to focus on the text.

Whatever the reason for the weakness, reading comprehension is a major hinderance to literacy in today's youth.

One method that I find effective when attempting to build literary skills in my son, is to have him to read instuctions. Any instructions. Whether it's a recipe, model car, or the latest Legos project that he's spent his hard earned money on. He's forced to focus and embrace the concept IF he wants to finish the task at hand. Armed with a dictionary and sometimes a set of tools, he can do anything.

Reading the instructions build understanding, perception, vocabulary, perseverance, patience, AND frustration - because some instructions are not written well. Let's just say reading instructions strengthens comprehension and character : )

This method can work with any child. You can use your wiles to charm your children into helping around the house with sewing projects, small furniture assembly, or programming a new appliance. This list could go on and on because everything comes with instructions.


if you're familiar with their interests, you can help them practice reading comprehension by enticing them with their favorite hobbies or subjects. Got a Science Geek? Purchase Science Kits. How 'bout a Techie? A build your own Robot Kit. Or for the creative mind, there's everything from origami to jewelry - you name it.

You can use your creative adult wisdom to help your children in just about any area. While they think they're just having fun, you know better.

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