Reading Fluency: 1 Reason your reader doesn't comprehend

The ultimate goal of reading is good comprehension. To fully understand the words that are grouped together is the sum purpose of reading. But in order for your child to understand what he reads, he must be able to do it quickly and automatically, without stumbling over words. In other words, fluently.

Your child will need to master reading fluently in order to learn Science, Foreign Languages, History, Social Studies, English, and a host of other subjects taught in school. If reading is a stumbling block, it will be difficult to learn just about anything else.

He will learn to read more fluently with lots of practice sounding out words, using phonics, phonemic awareness, letter recognition, vocabulary building, and concepts of print. This all happens over time and through repetitive actions.

Fluent reading also occurs if reading is associated with pleasure. Anything that's of interest to him and keeps his attention, should be placed in front of him in a printed format.

Cars, airplanes, cartoons, or money - whatever it is he can't seem to get enough of- should make it's way into his hands in the form of a book, magazine, or other reading materials.

The transition from learning to read (which occurs in K - 3rd grades) to reading to learn (which occurs from 4th grade through College) is one that will determine the coarse of the rest of their lives. Fluent readers finish strong while poor readers, more than likely, don't finish at all.

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