Role Model Parents: The Importance of Modeling good Reading Habits

You've heard it before: parents are the 1st role models. You have the greatest power of influence when it comes to your children.

In a perfect world, children would take heed to what we say, and ignore the things we do everyday. In the real world, "do what I say, and not what I do" is what most parents non-verbally communicate to their children when it comes to reading more.

Like it or not, children are more tuned in to what we do than what we say. Our words indicate what's good for our children, but our actions indicate what's good for us. If were always telling our kids to turn the television off and read, yet we never do the same, they have no reason to believe that reading is worth their time.

Without saying a word, what can you do to role model good reading habits?

Role Model

1. Turn the television off for at least 30 minutes a day to read

2. Get a library card for yourself as well as your children

3. Purchase a variety of gifts for your family and friends, including Books and gift cards to bookstores

4. Host a book club or book party for families and allow children to participate in discussions

5. Become a volunteer mystery reader at your child's school or daycare

6. Donate books to libraries or charities

7. Leave a variety of reading materials around the house; frame your favorite poems or cliches and place them all around. Add magazines, books, and interesting newspaper articles

Allowing these habits to show your children what you value, can create rewards that will be enjoyed for many years to come.

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